Meet the Pastor

Both Pastor William Shifflett and his wife Lisa hail from the Shenandoah Valley. He is from outside Harrisonburg, and she is from Page County. They were married on May 28, 1982. Pastor William and Lisa have three grown children and are the proud grandparents of four granddaughters and two grandsons. They began serving the Reasoning Tree Church family in September of 1994.

Pastor Shifflett’s preaching has evolved through the years into expository teaching. His devotion to the task of unpacking the Scripture shows in the detail given to his messages. He draws on an extensive reading regimen that enables him to comprehensively speak to a large spectrum of issues facing Christians today. Preaching in series fashion, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, some of his Sunday Morning lessons have involved weeks to months of exegesis and analysis. For example, the last six months of 2023 were spent on a Journey Through Leviticus. Previous studies include five months on the Sermon on The Mount, and three years in the Gospel of John.


Another aspect of his ministry which has developed over time involves Question and Answer Sundays. Although every Wednesday service begins with an opportunity to ask questions, frequently the Sunday service is committed to this same purpose and has proven quite beneficial to the congregation’s overall knowledge of Scripture. William also delights in one-on-one mentoring and welcomes inquiries about that possibility from any interested persons. You need not be an attender or member Of Reasoning Tree Church to benefit from this opportunity. Email “” for more information.

When not in study or other ministry duties William enjoys recreational flying having achieved his lifelong goal of becoming a pilot in March 2021. He also enjoys flower gardening, riding his Valkyrie motorcycle with Lisa, and working at perfecting his skill as a writer. He has been a frequent contributor to local publications and has 12 books in print and a number in process. The bulk of these are fiction.

William defines himself as a Christian who writes fiction rather than a writer of Christian fiction. This means that although all his books have Christian values woven into the story line they vary as to their explicit Christian content. He also describes them as Family Friendly Fiction containing no graphic language sexuality or violence. Visit for an overview of each and for reviews. For questions on his writing feel free to contact him at the above email. Read Pastor William’s articles here.

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